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Serving gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads and house baked pastries.


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Top Reviewer
Have been going to Milk and Honey for well over a decade (those Huevos Rancheros!), but somehow have never gotten delivery from them until now! Food was amazing as usual, it was packaged nicely for delivery, and the individual delivering it dropped it off well before the estimated delivery time. Amazing service! Would recommend both the cafe and the driver! Thank you! : )


Top Reviewer
Everything I've ever had from Milk & Honey has been great. Even something simple like a BLT...some places would screw that up with wilted lettuce or mushy top notch at Milk & Honey. I also wouldn't hesitate to try something new's all good!


Top Reviewer
Amazing food and service. They never disappoint. Food is good and hot. They driver always delivers to my place. The service is excellent. They have become one of my favorite places to order from.


Top Reviewer
Ordered here multiple times. My go to order is their BLT with avocado added. Comes with fries and a pickle. The bread is so quality, it makes the sandwich that much better. Best BLT Ive had!


Top Reviewer
So so good ! They go the extra mile and make sure everything is tasty. I love the grits, bacon, waffles with fresh fruit , breakfast burrito. Definitely a go- to for a delicious breakfast.

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